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The short answer is yes; unfortunately, numerous misconceptions surround going to treatment around the holiday season. People struggling with addiction usually use the reason they do not want to miss Christmas or New Years’, despite missing previous holiday seasons. Many families believe there is no way to convince their loved ones to attend treatment during the holidays. However, the holidays are the perfect time to seek-out alcohol and drug rehab.

Recovery from addiction during this time of year offers many benefits as well as helps avoid other pitfalls. The holiday season is tough for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, and usually, drug and alcohol abuse increase during this time. The holidays are also a time when families look forward to getting together to enjoy the best of the season. However, many families are worried that their drug-addicted loved ones will spiral further out of control, and the family feels helpless. Intervention over the holidays works, and it is worth it to save the life of someone struggling with addiction.

Why Intervention During the Holidays is Effective

Addiction does not take a break when the holiday season starts—Most families look forward to the holidays; however, it can be stressful for some. It is not uncommon for someone with an addiction to be using more drugs or drink more alcohol during this time. They may attend some of the social events or become completely isolated. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you often resent other people’s happiness and joy; unfortunately, this resentment leads to abusing more drugs or alcohol. The addiction does not stop, and more reasons are created to keep using and use even more than before.

Waiting until the new year does make the situation better—If you are waiting for the right time or waiting until Christmas is over, it does not make it easier or better. There is no magic moment where everything comes together perfectly. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol does not willingly accept help or ask for help every day. There is a common myth that someone addicted to drugs or alcohol needs to hit rock bottom, but there is no bottom, and it only becomes worse. Another common myth is that they need to want help before intervention is successful, which is also not true. The best time for a family intervention is right now; do not wait.

Holidays are a perfect time because family and friends are together—Typically, during the holiday season, family and friends are coming together, which saves the step of organizing an intervention team. When you plan the intervention during the holidays, ask yourself whether there is anyone who the drug-addicted individual holds in high esteem. The holiday season can also be a busy time for professional interventionists and treatment centers; do not think you are disturbing someone’s holidays when contacting an interventionist or rehabilitation center.

Drug and alcohol intervention gives the gift of life—It is not easy to plan and organize a family intervention, and it is even more difficult to confront the person addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, intervention gives the gift of life because addiction ends with receiving treatment or abusing drugs or alcohol to a point where the individual is knocking on death’s door. The holidays are a magical time, but countless families across the nation are struggling with a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol. There is no better time, and drug and alcohol intervention during the holiday season is worth it.

Treatment Centers are Open, and Interventionists are Waiting

It does not matter what time of year it is as it will always be challenging and a life-changing decision. People struggling with addiction over the holidays usually go deeper into despair and remorse and feel resentment toward the people who want to help. Everyone is enjoying the season and celebrating with family and friends. However, most addicts struggle to maintain any commitment or even see their families over the holiday season.

Rehabilitation centers do not close down, and professional interventionists are working over the holidays. Countless families contact treatment programs during the holidays, only to wait until the new year, and by that time, it becomes even more difficult to help their loved ones. Families choose not to organize an intervention during the holidays because they believe their drug-addicted loved ones will turn around and spend Christmas with them. Unfortunately, the reality for so many families is completely the opposite. The best option is to contact a treatment center, hire an interventionist, and seize the opportunity to save their life.

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