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Intervention Planning

The initial planning for an intervention starts with selecting the proper drug and alcohol treatment program.  When you contact Newman Interventions, our team will help your family locate the best possible treatment program based on the needs of the addict.  This is what is important, because each addict will have certain treatment needs to meet, based on the severity of his or her addiction.  There are also other reasons why you should determine the type of treatment prior to the intervention.  If the intervention goes well and you gain agreement from the addicted person to get help, the process of leaving should happen immediately.  Any delay in leaving for a drug rehab program will result in the addicted person changing his or her mind.

Many drug rehab centers throughout the country have intervention professionals they use who are familiar with their rehabilitation methods.  Drug interventionists are also familiar with many drug treatment centers and have worked with many programs more than once.  It is important to ask questions and gather the information you need prior to deciding on treatment.  The payment method should also be sorted out with the drug rehab program.  If you are going through insurance, you should be speaking with your insurance provider.  Newman Interventions can help your family work through the various payment options for drug rehab centers. 

How to Regain Control through Proper Planning

Once you have selected a drug rehab program and have engaged our intervention team, the next step is organizing the family for the intervention.  Family education is essential, and when Newman Interventions arrives to meet your family, the first day is spent planning, educating, and organizing the intervention.  Once the intervention takes place, everything occurs quickly and the process of leaving the location to go to treatment happens fast.  This involves assembling the intervention, uniting them and having everyone on the same page and going over all the foreseeable objections.  It is important during all of this preparation that you are remembering who it is you are trying to save.  Part of regaining control is operating as a team and having the people there that will have the biggest impact on the addict.

How extensive is the addiction intervention planning process?

The entire planning process for any intervention is based around hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.  One of the reasons for having a professional interventionist available is to prepare the family for what is to come.  This often involves going over everything that it will take to convince the addicted person they need help.  The family must use all resources available to them, be persuasive, and prepare for the absolute worse scenario.  There is a significant amount of communication and planning because the point is to save the addicted person’s life.  Lengthy drug addiction does not result in a happy ending, and every addiction becomes worse without treatment.  The planning process is extensive, and a qualified interventionist will know what steps to take and how to effectively execute the intervention. 

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