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Learn about the most effective method of ending drug and alcohol addiction!

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Why do a family intervention in cases of drug or alcohol addiction?

Most families ask that question. A professional interventionist will always answer it this way:

There’s just one reason:
To save a person’s life.

But can a family intervention even work? After all, haven’t you already tried everything you could think of?

The answer is yes, drug and alcohol interventions can work. But they must be prepared correctly. Success or failure hinges on the preparations and choices made ahead of time.

A family intervention is not simply “loved ones gathering together to lay down the law”… Although that’s far better than not speaking up at all. If you don’t prepare all the arrangements that give the addicted person no other choice but to go to rehab, failure is a possibility. That’s why searching for “interventionist near me” or “family intervention” was an essential step in saving your loved one’s life.

Why Do So Many Attempts at alcohol or drug Interventions Fail?

When a family decides to do an intervention,
there are a few common mistakes they make.



Families underestimate the power of the enemy – the person’s addiction and desperate need for drugs.

Once the addicted person begins to feel the pain and sickness of withdrawal, their need for more of the addictive substance overwhelms their rationality. Some people say that they “just go crazy” when the cravings hit. At that time, nothing is more important to them than getting more drugs. Not their children, their health, career, marriage, home – nothing.



When gathering those members participating in the intervention, families fail to exclude anyone who might weaken and abandon the goal.

The addicted person is very likely to turn their rage on those attempting the intervention. They will blame, accuse, find fault, run guilt trips… This will be ugly. Those family members who can’t take the verbal abuse should not participate in the intervention.

For example, parents and siblings decide to do an intervention. They gather around the addict, and inform him that he must go to rehab. He responds by attacking his parents for everything they ever did that wasn’t perfect… He accuses them of many things he just fabricates on the spot. “You never supported my choices… You always supported my brothers more than me. If Dad had been home and been more interested in me, I wouldn’t be in this situation…” To his spouse, he might say, “You never believed in me… You always nagged me… It’s your fault I felt so bad, I needed something to take the edge off!” He’ll say whatever he thinks will get people off his back, true or not.



Family members don’t cut off all avenues of escape.

Anything the family has been doing that enabled the addict to continue using drugs or alcohol must be cut off. Money, cell phones, legal support, housing, medical care – all those channels of help must be terminated to give the addict only one option – going to rehab immediately.



The family didn’t research and prepare enough before the intervention so even if the person agrees to go to rehab, departure doesn’t happen immediately.

Research and preparation mean that the choice of rehab must already be made, financing must be worked out, legal obstacles to the person leaving (child care, court dates, etc.) must be resolved ahead of time… all the way up to a bag already being packed for the addict. The person’s decision is fragile. Delay departure by an hour or two, and the person may change their mind. Delay departure by a day, and the person will already feel withdrawal symptoms or be gone out to get more drugs.

Drug interventions are about correct preparation and management of the meeting itself. This is where experience is very valuable. Hiring a professional interventionist takes most of the risk out of trying to help your loved one. Newman Interventions has managed hundreds of these meetings for families all over the country. We will guide you around the pitfalls and show you how to deliver a strong message that gets results. Don’t play around with this critical situation: a family intervention must be prepared correctly. Call us: there is truly no time to waste.



The family didn’t choose Newman Family Intervention and Addiction Services. We help families and save lives.

As part of our drug and alcohol intervention services, we educate the family and friends of the addict on the best way to gather around him or her in a productive manner. When we help your family do an in-person intervention, we follow methods based on 40+ years of experience in dealing with addicts.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services help families find the right treatment program for the addict. The choice of programs is based on a profile assessment done at the time of the initial phone call, as well as on the resources available to the addict.

Newman Family Intervention Services help families bring order into a chaotic situation. Undergoing drug or alcohol addiction treatment is one of the hardest things a person can do. Finding the right treatment program is essential. A permanent chance at recovery fully depends on it.

If you are addicted to any substance, we will help pointing you in the right direction so you can put your addiction problems behind for good.

Learn about the most effective method of ending drug and alcohol addiction!

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