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faith-based drug and alcohol intervention services

Having faith during recovery is a good thing, and most drug treatment programs focus on healing the mind, body, and soul.  There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment programs in the county that pair spirituality guidance with addiction treatment.  Leaders within the Christian community, for example, may have information for programs that will help. Countless addicts struggling with addiction seek spiritual support while trying to detox or recover from addiction.  Some addicts find recovery easier to manage through their faith. For those who are Christian, there are a number of programs available that provide spiritual support and guidance. Newman Interventions can help you locate one of these centers prior to any intervention.

How does addiction intervention help a faith-based family?

Family intervention is a process of convincing an addict they need help for their drug or alcohol problem.  If your loved one once had a strong faith and wants to reconnect with it, during the intervention we will support the family and convince them a faith-based treatment option is the best approach.  Christian programs help each client apply their faith to the difficult process of rehabilitation. In combination with standard treatment protocols, faith-based healing is powerful and does help an addict with their recovery during treatment after drug rehab.  This is something that the family should express during the intervention. If you know your loved one has a strong faith they may respond to this and it would help give them the push they need to say yes.


The intervention process is planned out, and when we plan the intervention for the family member, we help the family become prepared for everything that could come.  Many addicts feel relief, especially those who have a strong faith; knowing their fear is eased through spiritual treatment. Having a rehab program that emphasis their faith helps him or her feel more comfortable and able to seek out treatment.  This is important during the intervention to help them become willing to go to treatment, knowing they can use their faith and spirituality during treatment. Intervention is an emotional process and if the family has a strong faith, this is projected on to your loved one.


How do you choose the right faith-based drug treatment center?

Choosing the right type of faith-based drug treatment is essential, and options exist for a variety of faith traditions.  There is Christian, Jewish, and other faith-focused programs throughout the country. The first 12-step programs, Alcoholics Anonymous was originally based on Christian principles.  Over the years the program has helped thousands of people overcome addiction. The AA program has spread throughout the world helping people find comfort in fellowship and find support in a higher power.  The Salvation Army has long provided faith-based rehabilitation and recovery programs, specifically through its Adult Rehabilitation and Harbor Lights programs. There are a variety of programs geared towards some different faith.  It is important to find a program that will meet the needs of the addict spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Not every drug rehab program works for every type of addiction and individual who goes through it.  

Prior to doing the family intervention, Newman Interventions will help the family locate the best possible treatment program.  Along with this, we can help connect you with professionals who work with the Christian drug treatment programs or other faith-based treatment services.  The point of a faith-based intervention is not to change your loved one’s faith, but rather bring family and friends together and help your loved one understand the importance of faith on their own terms.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide organization and will travel to any part of the country to help your family perform a successful intervention.  


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