When a family chooses to organize an intervention, there is significant involvement and much information that is talked about.  The professional interventionist acts as a counselor to the family by offering guidance, knowledge, and educating the family on drug addiction.  Much of the time is spent talking about enabling, which is a dangerous habit to fall into.  Most families do not recognize how their actions are making it easier for an addict to abuse drugs or alcohol.  Enabling is also damaging to the intervention because the addict knows they have a way out from going to treatment.  Essentially, enabling becomes an interventionist’s biggest enemy and if an intervention is to be successful enabling is squashed immediately.  Any family working with Newman Interventions is educated about enabling, what it is, how to recognize it, and what they can do to set boundaries.

Family and codependency is also a significant hurdle that families must overcome.  When it comes time to organize an intervention, there can be more than one family member who has a co-dependency with the addict.  They have convinced themselves that they must always be there for them, help them, ensure they are not in trouble, and comfort them in a time of need.  However, much of this behavior is enabling the addict and telling him or her it is ok to abuse drugs or alcohol.  Handling codependency is part of the professional interventionist’s job and providing insight and guidance to ensure the family stays firm in their decision to help their loved one.

Handling codependency is part of the professional interventionist’s job and providing insight and guidance to ensure the family stays firm in their decision to help their loved one.

During the intervention process, the family will recognize how addiction becomes a family problem and affects all aspects of the family dynamic.  Whether this is enabling, codependency, or various family members struggling with their issues, addiction impacts everyone close to the addict.  Certified intervention specialists will help family members find support or even counseling to address the families underlying issues.  Such things as old arguments and unresolved family conflict can kill an intervention and make it impossible to help someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The entirety of the intervention process is all about providing tips for the family.  Knowledge about addiction, how to cope, and what to do will empower the family and help them take control of the situation. 

Professional intervention is never a last resort and can be done at any point during someone’s addiction.  A successful intervention is dependent on how committed the family is and how involved they become during the intervention planning process.  Newman Interventions is dedicated to helping any family who contacts our team.  Our certified interventionists are qualified to perform the intervention and will do what it takes to help your family save the life of your loved one.  Drug and alcohol addiction becomes worse, and there is no easy way out of an addiction.  The family dynamic will become destroyed from the inside if an addict does not get help.  The first step for any family is to contact a professional interventionist, and it is at this point where the family starts to take control of the situation.

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