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UTILIZING Intervention Resources

The intervention planning process starts with contacting Newman Interventions to answer your questions, talk about addiction, and learn about the many resources families can access.  If you are unsure of who an intervention is for or if it is the right time to organize an intervention, these are questions that a professional interventionist will answer. Intervention is done at any stage of addiction.  Typically, intervention is for an addict who is unwilling to recognize they have a problem and does not want to go to treatment. The family may have tried to convince them to seek out help or have never broached the topic with them.  Whichever the situation is, a professional intervention does ensure they become committed to treatment. There is never a wrong time to stage an intervention, and early intervention does save lives. However, it is common for families to stage interventions after something horrible has happened.  If the family knows there is an addiction problem, an early intervention prevents an awful event from happening.

Understanding the process of an intervention is essential, and when you engage Newman Interventions, our team takes the family through every step.  Planning is extensive, and preparing the family for everything to come contributes to a successful intervention. There are also different intervention modalities that a family can explore when organizing an intervention.  The certified intervention specialist you are speaking with can go over these modalities and methods used during an intervention.

The intervention planning process is extensive, and the first phone call made to Newman Interventions provides vital information about how an intervention is planned.  When our intervention teams travel to your state, there is extensive planning done on the family education day. The proper planning and preparing the family for what is to come will ensure a successful intervention.

Whether a family is planning a solo intervention with no intervention specialist or is hiring a certified interventionist, there is extensive preparation involved.  Successful intervention preparation starts with contacting Newman Interventions. Speaking with experts helps with gathering information and preparing your own intervention or organizing one with a professional interventionist.  The execution of an intervention is successful when everyone involved is on the same page, and all the problems leading up to the intervention have been sorted out. Professional interventionists are qualified to help families be prepared as possible and go into an intervention expecting anything to happen.  When the intervention is a success, there is still much work to be done. The addict is to be transported from the intervention location to the treatment program. This is best done with a professional interventionist because they know what to expect along the way during transport.  

The family will still have much to do when the intervention is a success.  Family members will have to stay firm and committed to their bottom line and the boundaries they have set.  Newman Interventions has extensive experience with helping families stay organized when the intervention is a success, and if it happens, the addict does not agree, the family must be prepared and know what to do.  During the entire time an addict is in treatment they may still try to manipulate the family and find a way to leave treatment. Newman Interventions stays committed to the family and will work with them before, during, and after the intervention.

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