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Successful Drug Intervention for Tranquilizer addiction

Tranquilizers are commonly prescribed in the United States to reduce anxiety, fear, tension, agitation, and mental disturbances.  There are minor and major tranquilizers; the major tranquilizers are antipsychotic medications, and minor tranquilizers are a type of anti-anxiety medication.  Minor tranquilizers, which would be considered benzodiazepines are commonly abused throughout the nation.  Americans are prescribed these drugs to treat a variety of issues and remain on them longer than required.  Newman Interventions has helped many families where addiction to tranquilizers has become a major problem.  The average person who abuses prescription drugs is doing it with their own prescription or received the drugs off family and friends.  Millions of Americans receive tranquilizer prescriptions every year.  The drugs are habit-forming and have a high risk of abuse.  A professional intervention on someone who is addicted to tranquilizers must be well planned.

Newman Interventions will help the family organize everything and every step to ensure your loved one will agree to go to treatment.  The first day you meet with our intervention team is the family education day.  This will be the time when the intervention is planned for the next day, the time it takes place, who will be there, and where it will be held.  Intervention is the most successful way to help a prescription-drug user.  Someone who is abusing tranquilizers or other prescription drugs may still be holding down a job, maintaining a family life, and other responsibilities.  When we organize the intervention, it is important to find the proper bottom line or consequences if they do not agree to go to treatment.  Tranquilizers are a dangerous drug to abuse, and it does not take long to progress to other types of drugs or mixing tranquilizers with other drugs.

How do you determine it is an addiction to tranquilizers?

A tranquilizer addiction may be difficult to notice at first, and the family may see some changes physically and behaviorally.  When you start to notice drastic mood swings, memory lapses, neglect of family or social responsibilities, and paranoia, these are signs of addiction.  Newman Interventions can help you determine what type of addiction it may be.  If you know they are abusing tranquilizers, it is important to organize an intervention quickly.  It is not uncommon for families to attempt to perform intervention without the help of a certified interventionist.  This does not always work out well, because there are often family members who enable the addict.

During the family education day, we will help break down the barriers of enabling.  This is a common problem with prescription-drug addiction, because some family members may feel they need the drugs for a legitimate medical condition.  It is never too late to organize an intervention, and Newman Interventions can travel to any part of the nation.  If you have questions about intervention, drug addiction, or want to know how to help an addict, you should call Newman Interventions right away.

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