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addiction treatment assessment and referral through addiction intervention

When you first contact Newman Interventions, our process starts with gathering information about the addiction, family history, and medical history of the addict.  Essentially, we want to get to know the family and know more about the person you want to help. The information we gather will help us with the initial assessment to refer you to the treatment program that will meet the needs of your loved one.  The initial assessment also helps us plan the intervention properly, and help the family organize aftercare and the recovery plan for the family and the addict. Newman Interventions has worked with numerous types of treatment centers across the nation.  The relationship we have built with many of the services and programs across the country is based on mutual professionalism and long-term success.

How do addiction and family assessments help with the intervention?

Intervention for a family member is successful and most addicts are convinced they need help and agree to go.  However, Newman Interventions spends significant time with the family to ensure each person involved with the intervention is willing to go through with the steps necessary. The success of an intervention relies heavily on the participation of those in the room with the professional interventionist.

Certified interventionists have the training to identify the changes needed within the family dynamic.  For example, this is often enabling by one or more family members, which is preventing the addict from wanting help. Interventions do bring families together, working towards one goal, saving the life of your loved one. The likelihood of the addict committing to treatment and succeeding increases when the family is supporting them.

Drug and alcohol abuse impacts families in many ways, there are always old arguments, family history, disagreements, and current family problems.  Newman Interventions does not point out the dysfunction in the family as a result of the addiction, but rather provides support and solutions the family can use to become closer and help their loved one.  Any type of drug or alcohol addiction intervention helps someone who’s actions are destructive and affecting his or her life and the lives of those around them. Addiction intervention is a solution for any addictive problem, such as gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, sex or pornography addiction, or any other type of destructive behavior.

The Focus of Family Intervention

Intervention programs focus on the family being on the same page, prepared for what is to come and address the unhealthy discord created by the addiction.  During the intervention when everyone is working together, your loved one is more likely to choose treatment and wants to succeed in becoming better from their addiction.  Newman Interventions wants the addict to be willing to go to treatment and understand the importance of rehabilitation. The proper type of drug treatment will help replace his or her destructive behaviors with healthier more positive solutions.  This is why family support is important and effective. Our certified interventionists are there to give you guidance, support, referrals, education and be a single point of contact for the family. 

Along with this, Newman Interventions will help the family work with the treatment program for insurance verification or working out the financial method to pay for treatment.  It is important that this is resolved prior to the intervention. There should not be any delay in getting an addict to the treatment program. We will also assist the family with booking flights, making travel arrangements, and escort their loved one to the drug rehab center.  We also want families to search for treatment centers and speak to the many different experts in the field of addiction. If you do not take the referrals we have provided and you have found your own program, nothing changes with the intervention. Newman Interventions will work with any rehabilitation program we are helping your loved one get into.  The point of the intervention is to save the life of the addict and ensure they get treatment and safely arrive at the program. 

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