Intervention Success! – Now what?

The moment the addicted person says yes to treatment, everything changes for the better.  However, this is a time for immediate action.  The bag has already been packed and is ready to go, and the person taking them to the airport is standing by, and physically guides the addicted person to the vehicle.  The best that any family can do is have the professional interventionist transport the addicted person to the airport and to the treatment program.  A qualified interventionist will know the points of the trip where the addicted person might try to slip away.  It is important to keep the addict focused on the objective and getting them safely to the drug rehab center.

When family members choose to escort the addicted person to treatment, they may try to say and do things that will set the family member off.  It is also possible for the family member to succumb to the manipulation.  The average family does not have the experience to know what to expect and the addicted person may try to talk themselves out of going to drug treatment.  This is the most critical time of the intervention, and you are not safe until the addict walks through the doors of the treatment center.  Newman Interventions will help guide the family through this entire process.

The Final Departure to the Treatment Program

Do not allow the transition to be overly emotional, despite the amount of emotion involved.  It is important to save the emotion once you know your loved one has safely arrived at the drug rehab center.  If everyone were to drive to the airport and follow the addict to treatment, this would lead to a disaster resulting in the addict not going to treatment.  If things go wrong, you must stand by your decision and follow through with the consequences.  Never allow the addicted person to guilt you into anything or be manipulated by them.  Do not ever think there is another solution other than rehab, and stay persistent and never give up.

What happens after the person has arrived at the treatment program?

Once the person has arrived at the drug rehab center and is settled in, the family and anyone involved should take two or three days to unwind.  This may have been a highly emotional experience, and once you have relaxed and are more focussed, you will continue to work with your intervention specialist and be prepared for situations where the addicted person will want to come home.  It is still possible for your loved one to attempt to manipulate the family and try to find a way to get out of the drug rehab program.  The addict may continue to blame the family for what is happening.  They may also complain about the treatment center, say horrible things are happening, the place is dirty, the staff are not qualified, they are not helping me.  Take all of this with a grain of salt because during the initial planning the drug treatment center was carefully selected. 

Never let the addict come home prematurely because this defeats the purpose of them going to drug rehab.  Always maintain your boundaries with your loved one and remind them if they leave, they have no support at home and will have nothing.  Always do your best to let the past stay in the past, and never rehash old arguments, and do not hold on to frustration and anger.  Try to also keep outside problems from distracting the person in treatment.  This may not always be possible but will contribute to their success. 

Planning for When Your Loved One Comes Home

The initial part of this planning should include being involved in the aftercare process, such as what type of aftercare treatment is being done.  When a former addict comes home from treatment it is a joyful moment, however, they must be held accountable for following through with their aftercare plan.  The family should maintain contact with the treatment program and also be in contact with the interventionist.  Family support is important and helping the addict pursue his or her aftercare treatment plan.  This may involve getting them set up in a sober living home, a new job, school, or other activities.  Continue to leave the past in the past, and if you have questions or concerns, Newman Interventions will be working with you when your loved one comes home.  We are there for the family and to help the family through this process before, during, and after the intervention.

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