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Claire Pinelli, LADC, CCS, ICAADC, MCAP

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About Claire Pinelli, LADC, CCS, ICAADC, MCAP

 Claire Pinelli is a testament to the power of lifelong learning and a dedicated pursuit of helping others. With an impressive career spanning over 45 years in teaching and counseling, Claire’s journey is as inspiring as it is diverse.

Her story begins in Brooklyn, New York, where she pursued a degree in mathematics at Brooklyn College, CUNY. Her innate desire to aid others shone through even during her academic years. Taking a brief hiatus to follow her passion for helping people, she returned to complete her degree with distinction, graduating Cum Laude.



Claire Pinelli

The 1970s marked a period of geographical and professional transition for Claire. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City, where she not only found love and marriage but also embarked on a significant career milestone. She joined the New York City School System, playing a pivotal role in establishing the first computer science curriculum. Her commitment to education led her to attain a Cum Laude Master of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, now part of New York University.

In 1985, life took her to Los Angeles, where she managed a multi-specialty medical clinic. This move was followed by another, to Northern California, driven by a desire to provide a quality education for her growing family. It was here that Claire discovered a profound calling in counseling, starting at a local drug and alcohol treatment center. Her impact was immediate and significant, standardizing a withdrawal protocol and doubling program enrollment.

Her journey at the drug and alcohol treatment center continued in Oklahoma, where her administrative and counseling skills flourished, helping to double enrollment and treat over 200 clients simultaneously. Her success in this role was a catalyst for her next venture.

In 2007, Claire and her family settled in Houston, Texas, where she co-founded Q.U.A.D. Consultants of Texas, Inc. This corporation embodies her lifelong mission: to assist individuals in overcoming alcohol and drug addiction, and to educate addicts, counselors, families, and facilities alike.

Claire’s commitment to education and self-improvement never waned. She acquired several prestigious certifications, including LADC with Clinical Supervision Certification from the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, ICAADC, and CCS from the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, RAS from the Breining Institute in California, and MCAP from the state of Florida.

Since 2005, Claire has been an influential voice in the field of drug addiction and treatment, conducting talks, lectures, and classes for professionals. Today, she continues to live in Houston, consulting for various facilities and creating Board Approved Continuing Education training, impacting both professionals and laypeople.

Claire Pinelli’s journey reflects her unwavering dedication to learning, teaching, and most importantly, helping others. Her multifaceted career serves as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the profound impact one individual can have in the lives of many.

Claire Pinelli’s collaboration with Newman Interventions is a vital contribution to ensuring the accuracy and usefulness of information regarding interventions and substance abuse. With her extensive background in counseling and education, Claire plays a pivotal role in reviewing and refining the content produced by Newman Interventions. Her expertise in addiction treatment, combined with her experience in curriculum development and clinical supervision, enables her to offer invaluable insights. This ensures that the information provided is not only factually correct but also empathetically tailored to meet the needs of those seeking guidance in these challenging areas. Her involvement guarantees that individuals and families accessing resources from Newman Interventions receive the most reliable and practical advice, rooted in professional excellence and compassionate understanding.

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