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Drug Addiction Intervention

Feeling Hopeless? Lost? Don’t know what to do? Get help with a drug intervention and save your loved one’s life. Dealing with a drug addict can turn an otherwise sensible mother, father or other loved one into a stark raving lunatic that ends up very often having to deal with their mental emotional issues. Newman Intervention Services can help you turn this very chaotic mess into a very productive effort that results in getting your loved one into a treatment program. Drug Addiction is plaquing our society in epidemic proportions. At no other time on our history has abuse of drugs been as prevalent as it is today. Literally no one in our society is unaffected. Robert Newman has been successfully helping families handle their drug addicted loved since 2001. He has decades of experience in helping families turn an out of control situation into a very positive outcome. Nearly 90% of all families who perform a drug addiction intervention with Newman Intervention Services.

The addiction starts most often in the teen years unbeknownst to family and friends. As the addiction continues a transformation takes place that spreads throughout the entire family. Oddly enough, the family members contribute to the addiction in the most destructive ways. Providing means of support such as money, shelter, food and paying bills to name a few. This is what we call “Feeding the beast”. Those of us in the treatment industry know that just like every fire needs oxygen …every addict needs an enabler. 

Don’t be the fuel to the fire. Learn how to effectively stop the madness and get your loved one into treatment today. Something can be done about drug addiction with an intervention. Learn from a professional the most successful ways to deal with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. The fact is, drug interventions work over 80% of the time and put the family back in control of the situation nearly 90% of the time. If the family holds strong from the outset of the intervention, your chances of success rise to over 95% of the time.

Take the next step, pick up the phone and get started with a drug intervention today.

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