Substance Use: A Decision to Help Young People With

It is the nightmare of every household. Thousands of families have been ripped apart and suffered its consequences. Drugs that gave false hopes and ruined the dreams of our youth; a poison in disguise of a “happy hour”… Drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction destroys the lives of tens of millions of Americans each and every year, and the current pandemic has made this problem significantly worse.

Our guest, Bobby Newman started an organization called Angel Life Coaches — a non-profit organization created to present vital information and open the door to overcoming this plague.

Here is a bit about Bobby Newman:

In his early days, he himself struggled with addiction for a long time even facing federal prison for this cause. Later on, he received help that helped him escape that addiction which then brought his focus to help families turn situations from tragic to hopeful as he had experienced.

In the eighteen years since completing his drug rehabilitation journey, Bobby has educated more than a hundred thousand youth on the dangers of drug abuse and helped thousands of people with drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Many of those he helped with their addictions as a substance abuse counsellor and now many more as a drug intervention specialist.

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A few resources about the dangers of drugs:

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