Are heroin addiction interventions successful?

Yes, intervention for heroin addiction is successful, especially when everything is organized properly, and a professional interventionist helps. Something that a professional interventionist helps with is preparing the family for everything that could happen. It is important to keep in mind that heroin addiction involves intense emotions. Also, the family and everyone close to the addict harbors intense emotions because of the addiction. There are certain things to keep in mind to ensure a successful family intervention.

Never hold an intervention without planning—A spur of the moment intervention may seem like a good option, but they do not always end up with positive results. It is much easier to plan an intervention with the help of a professional interventionist.

Do your homeworker and ensure everything is planned out—Part of organizing a family intervention is knowing the steps. Professional interventionists guide a family through the who process, help organize the intervention, determine what is said, where it takes place, and when. Timing is crucial because you do not want to hold an intervention when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Appoint a single person as the mediator—Typically, this is the family interventionist acting as the moderator. However, if a family organizes an intervention without an interventionist, the moderator should be one person who keeps a level head.

Stage a rehearsal intervention—Part of any successful intervention is preparation. Staging a rehearsal ensures everyone knows their role and what to say. Also, it prepares the family to expect anything and begin to anticipate objections.

Avoid confrontation, but anticipate objections—The purpose of an intervention is not to place blame or point the finger at the addict, but rather persuade them to accept help. Family intervention should not turn into hostile attacks towards the addict. However, it is important for the family to anticipate all the objections and be prepared to counter them.

Take immediate action and do not delay—When the addict agrees to accept help, their bags should already be packed, and a treatment center is already arranged. Whoever is designated to transport the addict should leave immediately and bring them to treatment. Any delay only permits the addict to second-guess their decision and refuse to get help.

Heroin Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for heroin addiction should be well-rounded and meet the needs of the person attending treatment. The first step is a medically supervised detox to manage dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Heroin addict creates intense physical and psychological cravings making it difficult to stop using the drug without help. Detox should not be considered the only approach to treatment because it will not adequately treat underlying conditions.

The next phase of treatment after detox is residential rehabilitation or an outpatient treatment center. Typically, for heroin addiction, inpatient treatment is the better option. Long-term rehabilitation usually lasts three to six months, whereas short-term treatment lasts three to six weeks. Lengthier rehabilitation provides more therapy options like traditional or non-traditional approaches and evidence-based counseling.

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