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Crack Cocaine, Powder Cocaine and the Opioid Epidemic

Hi there. My name is Bobby Newman. I’m the founder and CEO of Newman Intervention and Addiction Services. We are an intervention company that helps people get their loved ones into treatment. We also are an addiction treatment service in the form of helping people find treatment. One of the things that people do a lot of times when they call us and they’re looking for help, they have a loved one that they’re struggling with. One of our first questions is, do you have a treatment program picked out? So one of our jobs is to get some background on the entire situation. And we look at the resources that we have available and find the best treatment option for that person. And then from there, we work out once the treatment program has actually been lined up, then we go in and help the family intervene on the person to get them to stop their destructive behavior and decide to change their lives.

It’s a very effective approach. I’ve actually have been doing this nearly 20 years after overcoming my own addiction problems and going into a rehabilitation program. And so I’ve been on both sides of this thing as an addict, and also as a parent. I have a 28 year old son who’s doing wonderfully in life now, but we had to stop the destructive behavior years ago. And fortunately for him, he took the opportunity and made the best out of it and he’s doing wonderfully now. Many times, people, you’ll hear a lot of myths about addiction that are out there. One is, the person needs to hit rock bottom. Well, the truth is, is rock bottom means jail or death for most instances and we don’t want that. So we have to basically in order to put some things in place to prevent that, and we can do that with intervention.

The other thing is, is the person and has to want help. Well, obviously the person is out of control and the drugs have control, so they’re not necessarily able to think clearly. So we have to help them with this. And because most addicts do not want to be addicts. Most addicts are miserable and they want to change their lives. And sometimes with various methods, a majority of the time they can change their lives and intervention is a fundamental tool in doing that.

So the benefits of actually subscribing to this channel are you are going to learn information, firsthand information from a very experienced interventionist, such as myself and others, along the way. You’re also going to learn about addiction and the various barriers that prevent people from achieving lasting recovery. Those are the type things that you’re going to learn here. I encourage you to click on the link below and subscribe to our channel and then also we’ll be coming out periodically updated videos and we hope to see you on our channel.

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