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Someone you love is spiraling due to drug and alcohol use. You feel like there is nowhere left to turn.

How can you just turn your back on this person? You want to help, but what more can you do?

Plenty of people have been in this situation, especially with the current drug use trends in the United States. Family intervention services can help.

If you are interested in learning more about interventions, keep reading to see what you may need to know.

What Can You Expect to Do?

Studies show family participation can greatly influence the outcomes of treatment. Families are able to assist in the process of creating the treatment plan and engaging the addicted person.

The entire family can anticipate some type of benefit from participating in treatment.

Making a plan before the actual intervention begins is absolutely crucial. It is wise for you to speak with a professional before speaking with your loved one that is suffering from addiction. You can get information on what the intervention will look like and what type of preparations need to be done beforehand.

Deciding who will participate in the intervention and determining the role everyone has in the addicted person’s life is a good place to start. It will need to be necessary to have everyone that will be there have a specific role in the intervention itself as well.

Potential Mistakes

Consult with the intervention professional as often as possible to avoid doing things that could be harmful

Remember that the substance the addicted person is craving has a lot of power here. The withdrawal symptoms can be very scary for someone to handle.

Choose the people that participate very carefully. You don’t want someone in there that won’t actually be beneficial for the addicted person. Even if the person is an immediate family member, you must remember the reason this is happening is for the betterment of the addicted person.

Preparation is key in this situation. 

When to Seek out Family Intervention Services

If you are noticing big changes in your loved one, an intervention may be the next appropriate step.

Behavior that is unsafe or shady can indicate a big problem with substances, especially if there is past substance abuse.

A high tolerance can be very dangerous. This means the addicted person has to keep having more and more of the substance to feel its effects.

You may notice that he or she is forgetting things more easily or responding in ways that don’t make sense. Not only is this unsettling when it starts to happen all the time, but it makes it very clear that something is not right. 

Other things that may be indicators of the need for an intervention are low funds due to substance use, irrational emotions, or negative changes in appearance.

Making the decision to have an intervention is almost never easy, but it is something that can help. Consult with a professional to find out what you need to do and get your loved one the assistance they need.

Get Services Today

If you are interested in family intervention services, you may want to get in touch with an intervention professional right away.

Time is of the essence when it comes to the health and happiness of your loved one. Be sure to contact us when you are ready to get started.

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