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A Beloved Son Said YES to Substance Abuse Rehab

My 25-year old son had been on drugs since 14 years old. By the age of 21, he was hooked on meth and in a downward spiral. His dad & I felt helpless. We had been turned down by everyone we called stating that if he was not willing to go to rehab, they could not help him.

I finally spoke to the Fresh Start Program help line. They, in turn, gave me Bobby Newman’s phone number and stated that he was an interventionist that has helped parents like us get their child to be willing to go to rehab.

Bobby was amazing, to say the least! He took control of our situation and understood our desperation and gave us direction and hope. For the first time in years, I felt we were finally taking a step toward helping our son. Bobby was informative and walked us through the steps to get our son to say ‘yes’ to going to rehab.

Bobby traveled with him through his flight and up until the Fresh Start coordinator drove away with our son to the rehab center. It’s been an up and down recovery but today, my son is drug free and learning to live a full and happy sober life. Bobby and his team still check in with me and as a mom, that means more to me than they will ever know! Thank you is not nearly enough for what Bobby has done for our family.

K Smith in Arizona

Bobby’s note: Helping to save a life is the greatest joy we can have. The intervention that results in an agreement to undergo substance abuse rehab must follow a process calling for specific steps and persistence. We are so  glad to see this beloved son now in caring, skilled hands.

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