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Mr. Newman (Bobby) provides a focused, professional and heartfelt service for those in need at the worst time. This is important to understand the phrase “being focused”, because it’s difficult to comprehend what to do when you are dealing with an addict that is in full swing. Nobody in our family has ever went through this so when our daughter finally reached out to us for help, we had no clue what to do.

Our daughter was living with a dealer and battling a terrible heroin/meth addiction. She is 27 years old. My wife and I convinced her to ride home with us after showing up unannounced at the residence. She was coming off a 5 day high and was extremely paranoid, delusional, and still under the influence. We were able to drive her home and put her in a spare bed, she crashed hard.

Once Bobby received word that his service was requested, he immediately contacted us. He was working in Los Angeles at the time, but assured me he would be at my doorstep when our daughter woke up (1300 miles away). Bobby stayed in a hotel close to our home later that evening, awaiting our call when our daughter woke up.

Once he received the call, he was at the door. He walked the family through expectations of our daughter’s reactions and assisted each of us in drafting an intervention letter. The process worked. She agreed and Bobby delivered her to the rehabilitation center without incident. Bobby has been there, in the gutter, and understand how an addicts mind works. The lies, the coercion, and the sheer will an addict has just to make everyone happy so they will be left alone to get the fix. It’s remarkable.

Bobby has my endorsement, I will tell you that I am convinced my daughter would not have agreed to treatment with just the family on hand. This type of situation needs a facilitator, an intervention specialist.

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