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TrICare Healthcare Insurance and Getting your loved one into Treatment

Hi there. My name is Bobby Newman. I am a certified intervention professional, as well as an internationally certified drug and alcohol counselor.

I started out helping people overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol almost 20 years ago after overcoming my own problem with substance abuse, primarily methamphetamine, alcohol and marijuana. I started out in mention years ago and then moved on into counseling as well as interventions. My first intervention was in 2002.

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about military healthcare insurance. A couple of years ago the federal government made it possible for people with substance abuse problems or really any type of care for them to be able to pick their treatment provider. It made it a lot more beneficial to those suffering from addiction to have their own treatment provider and be able to choose because the VA, the Veterans Administration facilities were very full and they offered a very limited scope on the treatment, and a lot of times that wasn’t necessarily the best thing for the individual. So now with these broadened options for people with substance abuse problems, we can actually find, accommodate a better treatment program that would help improve the chances of permanent recovery. You can give a call and we’ll be glad to go over these with you.

The other thing that I wanted to discuss with you is the fact that just because you have a good insurance plan doesn’t necessarily mean that your loved one is going to be willing to get help, and that’s where our services come in. Now, our services are not covered by insurance, but we are very affordable and many people find that it’s actually well worth the cost of getting their loved one into treatment. Not only do we set a path to permanent recovery through getting them into treatment, but also helping you learn how to keep them in their treatment program and what to do and how to interact with that person after they complete a treatment facility.

You can give us a call at 866-989-4499 if you’d like to learn more. Again, our number 866-989-4499. You can also fill out the form on our website. Hope to hear from you and I hope you have a great day. Thank you.

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