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Substance Abuse Intervention Services in South Dakota

Choosing to organize an intervention is the best way to help an addict get themselves to drug rehabilitation.  For too many South Dakota families, they are watching a loved one destroy his or her life because of drugs and alcohol.  Substance abuse consumes the person in every aspect of their lives.  Professional intervention is often the only route to help an addict get to treatment.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in South Dakota.


How Family Intervention Works

The first step the family or friends must take is making that call to our intervention group.  When you decide to call for help, you are taking control of the situation and saving the addict’s life.  Drug intervention is a well-planned out process and happens quickly.  There are extensive communication and organization gone into making an intervention happen. Certified interventionists have the proper training and qualifications to mitigate the problems that would arise during the intervention.

Our professional intervention group will prepare your family for everything that will come during the intervention.  The first day Newman Interventions arrives in South Dakota is spent with the family.  This is the family education day and is a chance to answer questions and handle problems such as enabling. Enabling is a common problem and is one reason why an addict will not go to treatment. 

Everything is planned out for drug intervention, even to the point of who is packing the bag.  When the addict agrees to go to treatment, it is recommended that the interventionist travels with them to treatment.  There can often be old unresolved arguments between family members and the addict.  An interventionist is trained with recognizing when the addict is dealing with cravings and or may attempt to take off.  The time between when they agree to go to treatment and leave the house should happen quickly.  There should be no long delays or lengthy goodbyes. 

The primary goal is to get the addict’s help and get them safely to treatment.  Interventions are successful when done properly, and the family and anyone involved play an important role.  If the addict refuses to go to treatment, the family will have to follow through with the bottom line.  These are the consequences if they say no.  It is essential for everyone involved to not back down from this, even when they are in treatment. 


Drug Addiction Trends in South Dakota

According to a behavioral health barometer report, the annual average of marijuana addiction is approximately 1.6% of the population. Also, 0.16% of adults aged 12 or older were struggling with heroin addiction, yet 4.1% of the population has misused prescription pain medication in the past year, and 0.9% struggled with opioid addiction. If you are searching for professional intervention services in South Dakota, you should be reaching out to Newman Interventions for help.  A certified interventionist can come to you and help your family save the life of the addict.     

Sources cited–https://www.samhsa.gov/data/sites/default/files/cbhsq-reports/South%20Dakota-BH-BarometerVolume5.pdf

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