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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Nebraska

Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and offers family intervention services in Nebraska.  Some families may not consider the option of doing a professional intervention.  However, this is the most successful way for an addict to understand the importance of going to treatment.  Interventions work because of a certified interventionist.  They have the ability to prepare the family for everything that is to come.  It may be a situation where the family is afraid of the addict because of how they would respond, or they are enabling the addict.  Enabling is the most damaging thing that any family could do when a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive that any addict will do whatever it takes to keep using. 


How Family Intervention Works

When Newman Interventions starts to work with a family, there is a lot of time spent on the phone.  That first call you make is the best time to answer questions and go over everything about the addiction.  It also a good time to gain some more knowledge about addiction and how it affects the person who is using drugs. The addiction quickly spirals out of control the longer it is left untreated.  The whole purpose of a professionally conducted intervention is to save a life.  Drug addicts will not see the benefit of going to treatment because there is always something going on in their life that is a reason not to go. 

When you engage Newman Interventions to come to you, the process can happen quite quickly.  There is extensive communication involved, and the planning process goes through every last detail.  When the addict has said yes and has arrived at treatment, this is the time for the family to take a breath and relax.  However, you must be prepared to continue to stick with your bottom line.  Maintaining the boundaries you have set is essential because the addict will call while in treatment and want to come home.  The first week or so at drug rehabilitation is not always easy.  Yet, the family must stick to the plan and not back down.  The certified interventionist who worked with you is always available and will help you with any questions.  The intervention may not stop when the addict is in treatment, but this is normal. 


Drug Addiction Trends in Nebraska

According to a behavioral health barometer, on average, 3000 residents in the state aged 12 or older had a heroin addiction. Also, over 105,000 residents in the state had an alcohol use disorder. Approximately 33% of treatment admissions were for a drug problem only, 19% were for alcohol addiction, and 47.2% were from alcohol and drug addiction or polydrug use.  If you are searching for a professional interventionist in Nebraska, your first call should be to Newman Interventions.  We will help you save the addict’s life and make this go right, and get them to treatment.  Interventions do work, and when done properly and planned out, the success rate is quite high.  

Sources cited–https://www.samhsa.gov/data/sites/default/files/Nebraska_BHBarometer_Volume_4.pdf

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