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Drug Rehab and Intervention in Georgia

When you first call Newman Interventions, you will spend time on the phone, going over the preliminary information.  This will help the interventionist get an idea of who the addict is, what drugs they are doing, their medical history, where they are, and their current situation. Also, this is a time for you to have all your questions answered about the intervention.  Any concerns or worries you may have about how the intervention will go are always addressed along the way.  When Newman Interventions meets with your family in Georgia, the process to get the intervention going does not take long, but there is a lot of communication, organization, and planning. 

drug rehab and intervention in Georgia

The Family Intervention Process

Even if you do not think of everything to ask, a qualified interventionist will know what questions to ask you and your family and gather all the information needed.  Newman Interventions will travel to Georgia with the goal being to get your loved one safely arrived in treatment.  When deciding to do an intervention, there will be people you will not want to be there.  Newman Interventions will help you go through the motions of who should be in attendance.  When a professional interventionist travels to Georgia to meet with you and your family, there are some questions to determine who should be excluded. 

Initially, is there anyone that will likely give up on the effort to get the addict help?  Is there anyone who succumbs to the addicted person’s manipulation and intimidation?  Who is enabling the addict, and is there anyone who may not be as responsible and stable?  A certified interventionist is trained and qualified to conduct the intervention, but the family plays an important role.  Organizing who will be at the intervention is one of the many steps involved. 

Additionally, if you have not selected a drug treatment program in Georgia, Newman Interventions can help you find one suited to the addict. Selecting the right detox and rehabilitation is important, and there are some factors to take into consideration.  The average addict benefits from long-term inpatient treatment and the initial assessment will help determine what treatment approach will work best.


Substance Abuse Trends in Georgia

Drugs and alcohol affect everyone differently, and there can be unpredictable situations that come up.  Professional interventionists prepare the family for what may come up based on the information you provide them.  Substance abuse in Georgia is problematic throughout much of the state. According to the Drug Surveillance Unit, in 2020, amid the pandemic, there was a 4.4% average weekly increase among opioid-involved emergency department visits and a 3.7% average weekly increase among heroin-involved emergency department visits. Overall, there was a 9% increase among all drug overdose deaths and a 25% increase involving opioids.  If you require professional intervention in Georgia, your first call to Newman Interventions will get things started.  It is important not to wait; even if you have questions about intervention, Newman Interventions can help. 

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