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Why is hiring a professional interventionist important?

Most families have already spent enough money trying to help their loved ones beat addiction, and the idea of having to spend more money on an interventionist is not always appealing. However, the result of addiction is not appealing to anyone, and the cost of hiring an interventionist is worth it when saving the life of an addict.

Professional interventionists know what to expect because of the countless interventions they have completed. This is a valuable insight, and they have the training and qualifications to prepare the family for everything that could happen during the intervention. Also, they keep the intervention on track and prevent it from becoming de-railed. During an intervention, emotions can run high, and it becomes easy for some family members or even the addict to start blaming other people.

Professional interventionists act as a mediator and lower the stress level in the room. The family is already stressed, and the addict could be experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms. An interventionist keeps a level head and de-stresses the room and the people in it. The interventionist also knows how to deal with addiction and can handle violent behavior. Most people struggling with addiction are also battling significant underlying issues, and it is important to be prepared for this. Also, some of these underlying issues can lead to violent outbursts, which can push an intervention of the tracks.

Interventionists have the training to prevent relapse and can talk a person down from suicide ideation. Some addicts respond poorly to intervention and are already at an extremely low point in their lives. An intervention could make them feel even worse, and it is important to have someone there that knows how to handle this. Also, countless addicts struggle with chronic relapse and are convinced they can beat the addiction on their own. An interventionist can help explain the benefits of treatment and why it is important.

The idea that one is strong enough to beat addiction on one’s own will is especially prevalent in professions characterized by a high level of pressure and stress, that require a high level of command of planning and people. High-level executives, first responders, military personnel (among others) often wind up resorting to prescription drugs, alcohol, even street drugs to cope with daily corporate responsibilities, life-and-death combat situations, and the aftermath of such situations. Individuals used to rely on their own willpower and self-confidence will deny they are addicted because admitting one’s own dependency on chemical substances creates cognitive dissonance. A professional interventionist will help highly skilled executives circumvent deeply fostered mental mechanisms to realize an external factor has overcome their willpower. Likewise, a professional interventionist will carefully work out the planning of a family invention when dealing with first responders and members of the armed forces.

Finally, interventionists help families locate the best possible detox and treatment centers. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehabilitation returns a person to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and community. Also, if an addict attends and remains in treatment, they will stop using drugs, decrease criminal activity, and improve their occupational, social, and psychological functioning. A quality treatment center focuses on keeping the person in treatment, keeping them engaged, and retaining what they have learned.

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