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Does family intervention work for alcohol addiction?

Family intervention for alcohol addiction works, and if you live with someone who is addicted to alcohol, hiring a professional interventionist is the best option. Interventions allow families to take a proactive stance and help them reach out to the person who needs treatment. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about 7.9% of adults who had an alcohol use disorder in the past year received treatment. However, getting a person to treatment is the first step, and it requires an organized effort to ensure the intervention works and is successful.

Tips for Organizing a Professional Family Intervention for Alcohol Addiction

The first step is hiring a professional interventionist and selecting an intervention team. An intervention is a conversation in which people who know, love, and trust the addicted person come together to persuade that person to get help. The people involved with the intervention are not those who have been enabling the person, but rather those who are the strongest emotionally and cannot be persuaded to derail the intervention. When a professional interventionist is hired, they work with the family to counsel them through problems with enabling and co-dependency.

There is extensive organization involved with family intervention, which the interventionist will help the family plan. The family wants to choose the right location and time, along with having the treatment center lined up and paid for. The interventionist will help the family chose a sober moment when the person is not under the influence of alcohol. The location where the intervention is held is important, and it should not be a spot that is familiar to the alcoholic. Holding an intervention in a neutral space prevents the problem of the person trying to retreat to a safe space.

Everyone involved with the intervention has a role to play and something to say. Even the order of speakers is important, which a professional interventionist helps the family with. The first day spent with the family is about education and planning the intervention. Every detail is considered and the family is prepared for everything that could arise during the intervention. A family intervention can be an emotional rollercoaster, but with the help of professionals, alcohol intervention works.

Even If the Intervention is Not a Success, Do Not Give Up

Most people attend treatment after an intervention—some people are convinced after one conversation, whereas it may take more than one conversation for others. Even within the first weeks of being at a drug rehab center, the person will want to come home. It takes a combined effort from the family with the support of the interventionist to help. However, it is important not to give up and keep pushing forward, especially after they have arrived at the rehabilitation center.


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