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Successful Intervention Tips. Tip # 1. Finding the right drug or alcohol treatment program is the first step in getting your addicted one into a treatment program and into a life of recovery. Have a loved addicted to drugs or alcohol and don’t know what to do? Learn how to help them. Watch this video and start your education on how to effectively getting your addicted one to a treatment program.

Here are a few things to know about drug and alcohol addiction intervention help:

Substance Abuse and Addiction can be overcome and drug and alcohol intervention services can help with that. The only time one fails at any thing is when they stop trying. There are many facets to addiction that most people do not know,about that include physiological and mental aspects that need to be addressed.

Personal Experience: I grew up in a small southern Oklahoma town with a strong moral upbringing. Regrettably drinking alcohol was the popular thing to do, and although a pretty good athlete with a chance to play college football, marijuana and speed became popular as well.

You talk about the ups and downs that go with addiction, seems like every time I took three steps forward I would take four steps back. I completed a four year trade school. abusing drugs and alcohol the entire time.

Eventually I ended up in so much legal trouble that I had to enter a treatment program as a means to Stop the Dwindling Spiral. That was 20 years ago and my life has been nothing short of a miracle. Happily married with a great family, I now get to help others achieve the same.

Professional qualifications: After graduating from a drug rehabiliation program in December of 2000 I became a drug prevention specialist and have reached nearly 150,000 people, started two drug prevention programs in Oklahoma and Hawaii. This program is now approved as an evidenced based drug education program by the SAMHSA ( The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

I worked in one of the largest rehabiliation facilities in the world in various areas such admissions, graduate discharge and aftercare and community relations. In 2013 I became an Internationally Certified Alcohol Counselor and Certified Intervention Professional.

I felt like I could help more people find treatment programs that might be more suited for them and having lots of experience dealing with addicts, help families learn how to get their loved ones into treatment.

I work with many other professionals in the addiction treatment field and have decades of combined experience to offer. We don’t provide inpatient treatment, but we do partner with several drug and alcohol treatment programs throughout the country that offer services virtually of every kind.

Our YouTube channel is our way of trying to help as many people as possible find the answers they need to help their loved one’s into treatment and overcome addiction. We spend a ton of time and money, creating these resources and support that you find them valuable and will share them with anyone else you know who may need them. The educational library of addiction resources on our YouTube channel is completely free of charge and are readily available to any person or family who needs them. So please consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

My passion in life is to get the right information to everyone who needs it by sharing these family recovery resources and helping drug addicts. I know that not everyone can access our treatment services, but we do offer consultations and coaching sessions to individuals and families all over the country. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone with drug or alcohol addiction and doing so with successful intervention.

Interventions are a very useful tool when it comes to drug addiction recovery. Our family intervention services can help with alcohol intervention, cocaine Intervention, heroin Intervention, methamphetamine intervention, prescription drug addiction, cocaine and crack addiction,and basically any kind of intervention involving substance abuse.

Many people are often searching Google with search terms like Interventionist near me or help me find a local interventionist.

Learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction intervention course for families

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