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Methamphetamine Addiction
Symptoms, Behavior, and Overcoming

This video outlines my experience with methamphetamine, and how I overcame methamphetamine addiction, and what you can do about it.

Methamphetamine addiction and the need for meth intervention is as prevalent now as it ever has been. More potent forms of methamphetamine are pouring over our borders from Mexico and China. The Opioid epidemic has taken the has made national notoriety with someone dying from overdose every few minutes here in the United States but meth has continued to be tremendous problem throughout the country.

What is methamphetamine? How does it work?

Methamphetamine is a Schedule II stimulant that has a high potency for abuse. 95% of first-time meth users will try the drug again due to the euphoric effects that the drug provides. These effects increase the chance of addiction. The more someone uses methamphetamine, the greater the chance addiction will become an issue.

The purity of most methamphetamine today is 90% and above, and it is very affordable for most addicts. Although many addicts are doing unspeakable things to support your habit, the drug is still readily available.

Methamphetamine addiction in the U.S.

Although the opioid problem has been somewhat taking over the media, methamphetamine has continued to be a terrible problem throughout the country. That, coupled with Adderall addiction, means methamphetamine is still a significant problem. The availability of meth varies from region to region.

Throughout the West and Midwest, nearly three-quarters of law enforcement say meth is their biggest drug threat (NIH study).

The greatest numbers pertaining to the availability of meth come from the Pacific region. However the Western Central US and the Southwest continue to have ample supply of methamphetamine.

Most of the methamphetamine seeping into the United States today is coming across the border via Mexico. Although years ago, local production of methamphetamine was a significant problem, the majority of meth on the market today is coming from our southern border.

Best time to perform an intervention on a meth addict

When attempting to perform an intervention on someone who is high on methamphetamine anything can happen.

A meth addict under the influence of the drug can be volatile and extremely paranoid. A professional interventionist will know to use the meth addiction phenomena to his advantage because eventually, for most meth addicts, the high will eventually wear off regardless of the amount of drug consumed.

This can sometimes take days.

The best opportunity to help a meth addict in the context of a methamphetamine intervention is after they have been asleep for a period of time and are just waking up. Usually, the person will be very emotional and in somewhat of a desperately depressed state. At this moment, they will be more susceptible to agreeing to go to treatment. This is a window of opportunity that must be taken advantage of.

This is a very short window however, as the methamphetamine addict will be seeking to get high again to avoid experiencing the lows associated with meth withdrawal. The cravings for the drug are very intense. They are actually the strongest barrier to getting a meth addict into and through a successful meth addiction treatment program.

Methamphetamine addiction behavior and family strain

Sometimes meth addicts will be gone several nights, only to come home and sleep for days, and be very hungry, usually consuming lots of sugar. Oftentimes families of methamphetamine addicts will witness this behavior and have no idea what’s going on. That’s what this introduction about methamphetamine is all about: letting the public know that methamphetamine addiction is still a significant problem throughout the United States.

Families with a meth addict living in their home are under constant stress and strain due to the volatility and unpredictability of their relative’s behavior.

Doing a methamphetamine intervention will put a degree of control over these behaviors, to save the life of your loved one, and help putting the family back together again.

Newman Interventions is here to educate you about the ins and outs of meth addiction, and also to help you learn how to gain control of this chaotic and confusing situation through a course we have put together for you, and by doing an intervention on the meth addict. This is the only way to go. Click on the link below to discover our course.

Learn more about our “Drug and alcohol addiction intervention course” for families

If you have someone in your family exhibiting the symptoms of meth addiction, call us at the earliest opportunity. There is no time to dilly dally, considering the ravages that methamphetamine addiction will wreak on your family. Call 866-984-5417 right away.

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