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Is a family intervention necessary for marijuana addiction?

Family intervention is necessary for any addiction because the average person addicted to drugs or alcohol does not admit they have a problem or realize the extent of their addiction. Professional intervention works and saves lives because it helps the family regain control. Marijuana is legal in eleven states, and like alcohol,it is socially accepted in most parts of the United States. Typically, there is more than one member of the family smoking marijuana, which could make it difficult to convince the person they need help. Professional interventionists are trained and qualified to counsel families and organize interventions. A certified interventionist will help the family work through problems with enabling and co-dependency while educating them about addiction.

The purpose of an intervention is not to place blame or point the finger but to convince the individual they need help. A successful intervention will help the addict understand how their addiction has impacted them and the lives of the people around them. The first day spent with the interventionist involves organizing the intervention, who will be there, and where and when it takes place. It is essential to have people at the intervention who do not point the finger or place blame but rather show support but will not give in. Interventions are successful when properly organized, and hiring a professional interventionist is the first step.

The treatment process for marijuana addiction begins with detox, and this would include a conventional detox process. Marijuana addiction does not create dangerous withdrawal symptoms and usually does not require a medical detox unless the person is abusing opioids or prescription drugs. Detox is essential to stabilize a person and make for a smooth transition into a treatment program. Following detox, the next process of rehabilitation involves counseling therapy. Typically, the severity and extent of addiction determine the type of counseling required. Short-term drug rehabilitation programs are excellent options to consider because they provide everything onsite to help the addict.

Long-term drug treatment is also effective, especially if the drug user has a lengthy history of addiction and chronic relapse. Long-term treatment usually lasts three to six months or longer and is beneficial for addicts where marijuana is part of a larger addiction problem. It is also beneficial to follow through with aftercare support, which could include 12-step meetings, peer support groups. Anyone recovering from drug or alcohol addiction benefits from remaining connected to peer support and other sober people. Regardless of stage a person is at during their addiction, intervention works and could be organized and done at any time.

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